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Welcome to Indi Authority

Our Origin Story

Since 2009, we’ve provided marketing services for customers seeking to enhance their visibility in the digital world. Over the years, we built up a solid reputation and client base as a small firm, offering innovative and effective marketing solutions that truly enrich businesses. As our company grew and established itself in the digital marketing industry, founder Nitesh Vyas decided it was time to expand and solidify our status. Thus, in mid-2016, we were rebirthed as Indi Authority Marketing.

What Can We Offer You?

Our passion and dedication to our clients have molded our reputation as being a company that is truly committed to satisfying the interests and needs of anyone who approaches us for help.

Currently, we offer a myriad of various marketing services. Customers come to us with a wide range of requests including email marketing, Web design, original articles and blogposts, Ad campaign management, social media management, SEO, reviews, etc.; but our premier focus is PPC and video marketing.

Our objective is to help our customers to the best of our abilities and encourage them to come to us for all their digital marketing needs. As professionals with years of experience in this industry, we are able to adapt and meet the majority of demands that come our way. As long as we can offer a high quality service to match our equally high standards, we’re happy to help.

Our Partnerships

The commitment and level of service we offer has made us stand out amongst our competition, allowing us positive recognition in the industry. As of 2016, we’re proud to announce our partnership with AVG Technologies, Inc. We are a Certified Sales Premier Associate, a title which allows us to offer our clients all the products and services from AVG Security and Cloud Care, as well as AVG Business SSO, Managed Workplace, and Premium Remote Access.

We’re truly excited about this new venture, and hope to explore more opportunities in the future.

Why Is Indi Authority Right for You?

There are numerous choices of digital marketing services available out there, so it’s prudent to choose one that’s perfectly suitable for you. At Indi Authority, our reputation precedes us. Since our inception, our priority has always been our customers’ total satisfaction. Not only does this mean that our services are excellent, but also that all demands and requests are met with care and our full cooperation. Simply put, we listen to you and understand what your unique situation requires.

Our team consists of highly motivated and creative individuals who are constantly excited about new and challenging tasks. We flourish under pressure and find great satisfaction in figuring out complicated puzzles, which is what our clients’ requests are at times. Whatever project we take on, we make sure to invest our full efforts and see it through until our customer is completely content with the results.

Have A Question?

Indi Authority is happy to address any questions or comments you have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time, and we’ll respond post haste.

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